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  • An Evening with Patrick Ness

    8th Sep 2013

    ‘Nobody can tell you how to write, they can only tell you how they write’ was the opening gambit given by Patrick Ness at Waterstone’s Piccadilly when asked about how he finds the material he uses for his books. Indeed after hearing him talk, you can be sure that Ness can’t b...
    More Than This
  • Tom Angleberger Visits UK Schools

    8th Oct 2012

    On an overcast morning in Islington, Tom Angleberger’s energy is immediately apparent as he bounds into the classroom, and without even waiting for the children to be ready, goes straight in with a ‘Hey, do you know who I am? Do you know where I’m from? Grabbing a pen to start draw...
    Tom Angleberger in front of Working Wall
  • An Evening of Almond & Jeffers

    1st Oct 2012

    On September 26th we were fortunate enough to spend an evening with David Almond and Oliver Jeffers at Waterstones, Piccadilly, hosted by Sarah McIntyre. This was an event not to be missed, as not only were they there to talk about their recent collaboration ‘The Boy Who Swam With PiranhasR...