Articles in 'curriculum'

  • Planning with the New Primary English Curriculum

    2nd Dec 2013

    So, the new primary curriculum is at last here. And apparently *whispers cautiously* this is the final version. After nearly a term of working with teachers on the revised expectations, we are starting to ascertain how much it will change the way that teachers teach – or not… Since the a...
    National Curriculum 2014
  • Spelling It Out

    15th Jul 2013

    This is a summarised version of a longer article entitled ‘Teach Spelling in Context’ that appears in August’s Primary Teacher Update magazine.
 Go to http://www.primaryteacherupdate.co.uk for subscription details. In a rather significant month in education, the month in whic...
  • The Draft Primary Curriculum

    2nd Sep 2012

    This is a summarised version which is part of a longer article to appear in October’s Primary Teacher Update magazine. http://www.primaryteacherupdate.co.uk for subscription details. There are lofty aims for the long-awaited draft proposals for the revised primary curriculum, what with plannin...