Articles in 'reading'

  • Unspoken: In Praise of the Wordless Picture Book

    10th Feb 2014

    Some of the texts we find ourselves advocating the most are the ones which themselves have no words. Yes, all hail the wordless picture book. Often misunderstood, frequently overlooked, commonly mis-shelved, the wordless picture book is a genre difficult to pin down and define. Sadly, many would pla...
  • Aware of the Bear

    16th Jan 2014

    Over Christmas many of us, young and old alike, were enchanted by an advert for a well known store that told a tale of a bear and a hare. The tale was a simple but magical one, which explored essentially the strength of a good friendship, despite the obvious differences of interests or indeed in thi...
  • Reading for Pleasure

    1st Jul 2013

    ‘Reading for Pleasure’ certainly seems to be the phrase of the moment in education. In the last month alone we have been asked to work with groups of Literacy Coordinators from two different Local Authorities on the subject, and it would appear it is the area of many a conference this ye...