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  • Back to School

    1st Sep 2014

    It seems that, as teachers, the summer holiday has hardly begun, when at once we are inundated by an unavoidable abundance of those (ever-so-slightly infuriating) advertisements reminding us that it is not very long until we go back to school.   Well, this week, we do in fact get ready for the ...
    The New National Curriculum
  • Read with Caution: Cautionary Tales

    20th May 2014

    DEAR READER: BEWARE, THE CONTENTS OF THIS BLOG ARE GORY AND USUALLY ALWAYS END IN THE PROTAGONIST MEETING HIS OR HER MISERABLE END IN THE MOST HIDEOUS OF WAYS. We were recently asked to develop a poetry text-based teaching sequence for years 3 and 4 and were drawn towards using a text that may have ...