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  • Coming to Terms with Terminology

    30th Sep 2015

    Since the arrival of the curriculum, we've been asked to clarify quite a few grammatical terms. We've also been asked if we could explain which terms are relevant and which are now redundant. Having used many pages of flipchart paper to do this job in schools and confererences, we thought it woul...
    Grammar Toolkit
  • Summer Literature Review

    8th Jun 2015

    Our literature review this time covers a range of books, but essentially all of them this time are about how powerful our imagination and dreams can be – if we allow them to be realised...     Demolition Dad by Phil Earle We are used to books from Phil Earle that leave us with a thum...
    Demolition Dad
  • A Few Words About Words

    18th May 2015

    At The Literacy Tree we ponder about words and their origins a fair amount – more than some people would say was healthy, to be fair. We love a fact about a piece of language, such as how a word was invented and what its origins – or etymology - might be.  The other day we were spec...
  • Spring Literature Review

    17th Mar 2015

    For our spring literature review, we’ve picked three very different books.  One appeals to the escapist, lover of fantasy in us, one appeals to our sense of humour and sense of the ridiculous, the last to the animal lover within us.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.   P...
  • The Case for Classics

    1st Feb 2015

    In the last few years there has been a revolution in children’s publishing which has meant the choice of attractive books is wider than ever before. Illustrated novels are now commonplace, understanding the need for books which give visual representations of characters and settings and hold th...