Book Lists

  • Very Important Picture Books

    This book list contains our favourite picture books. We've included titles which are suitable for the following ages:

    3 to 5 years old
    5 to 7 years old
    7 to 9 years old
    9 to 11 years old


    The Tiger Who Came to Tea
  • Illustrated Early Novels List

    This was a fun list to write. Actually, this age is all about being a little bit humorous.

    So, how did we choose them? Well, they needed to be books of the smaller variety, not too dense and with lots of pictures. Oh, and we had a couple of testers who were just of the right size themselves and they had to love them. The list will grow, we are sure…

    These titles are suitable for those approximately 5 to 9 years old.

    Claude in the City
  • Wordless Picture Books

    (and books with limited words)

    Here is a list of just some of our favourite wordless picture books.

    From collage and layering, to intricate pencil-drawn images, from watercolour to block colour, these books show the range and possibility of wordless texts and demonstrate why we don’t always need words to say what we mean…

    The Arrival Shaun Tan
  • Traditional and Twisted Tales

    Here are just a selection of our favourite ‘original’ versions of traditional tales.

    The titles on this list are suitable for all ages.

    Goldilocks and the Three Bears Emma Chichester Clark
  • Rhythm & Rhyme, Poems & Verse

    A book list containing a selection of our favourite rhythm, rhyme, peom and verse.

    This list features titles which are suitable for all ages.

    New and Collected Poems for Children Carol Ann Duffy
  • Cautionary Tales

    A book list containing a selection of our favourite Cautionary Tales. 

    This list features titles which are suitable for all ages.

    Grendel A Cautionary Tale About
  • Books that make good Whole-School Texts

    Here are just some of our favourite books that could be used as whole-school texts.  They are either books we have used or seen used across either an entire school, or in some cases from Y2 upwards.  These books make good texts for use across a whole school either because their themes can be read interpreted in a number of ways, or because they are wordless and can be ‘decoded’ by readers of all abilities. They often have an initial immediacy, but more is revealed the more we look at the pictures and study the words.  It is worth investigating other books by the author listed, as they often also lend themselves to a whole-school author study.

  • Class Novels

    We’ve only listed a few here but we’ve been careful to list a mixture of classics and soon-to-be classics.

  • Books with Distinct Scientific Links

    We have chosen some of our favourite scientific books – there’s something here for everyone to get geeky about! There is a mixture of narratives that contain scientific characters and contexts, narrative non-fiction texts that give us information about scientists and scientific contexts, inventions and inventors, as well as some more traditional non-fiction books.