Creatively Embedding Grammar


"An inspirational and enjoyable day. It has really helped to raise the profile of grammar teaching and given us a common base to begin to innovate and grow from. You have certainly lived up to your well deserved reputation. I was delighted by the use of real text and feel this will prompt our staff to seek out such opportunities. Well done!"

Ken Johnson, Head Teacher, Deptford Park Primary School, Lewisham

  • Explicit terminology broken down and explained
  • Teachers receive 2 complete text-based teaching sequences
  • Practical teaching strategies exemplified to take away and apply
  • Shared Writing and Spoken Language built in and demonstrated

The Creatively Embedding Grammar Inset day supports teachers' grammatical understanding, encompasses the programme of study from the new English curriculum and covers the essential subject knowledge and progression necessary for the grammar and punctuation components of the key stage 2 Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling tests (GAPS/SPAG). This is achieved by embedding explicit grammar objectives within engaging teaching sequences that models using quality texts.

The morning is led by two consultants and takes delegates through an exemplar teaching sequence where grammar is embedded with modelled activities in the context of a quality text. In the afternoon we split into two groups: one consultant covers the requirements of upper key stage 2; the other covers the requirements of key stage 1 as we explore the specific objectives through two further teaching sequences. With all of these we provide the suggested planning and resources to deliver these back in the classroom.

The price includes all handouts which includes two teaching sequences.

For prices, further information or to book now please email us: info@theliteracytree.co.uk