Parents' Workshops

Putting phonics in the picture:

This workshop removes the mystery surrounding synthetic phonics and explains and where we will show you how to embed phonics and other key early reading skills into the sharing of picture books.

Phonics is seen by many as the gateway to reading, and there is no doubt that it is worth spending time supporting children to identify which letters make which sounds from an early age. However, at the Literacy Tree believe that all reading should have context. This workshop takes you through some of the best books to support children’s reading, whilst guiding you through the fundamentals of phonics, and vitally, how to support your child with early reading at home so they can develop fluency and enjoyment at the same time. A booklist will be provided. Please allow 2 hours.


Read a book, make a book:

A fun-filled workshop in which we will share picture books, from our Books off the Beaten Track list, and provide simple and fun book-making ideas which will inspire you to get out the sticky-back plastic!

The power of book-making is immense and it can often be the point of engagement for many children as writers. Bookmaking can be a great way to make children feel successful about what they are creating. It can also be great fun! By the end of the workshop you will have been introduced to a selection of less-familiar books and have made at least 3 books to take away with you, as well as another 3 ideas for books to make at home. All book-making ideas come with step-by-step plans. Materials and resources will be provided. Please allow 2 hours.

Fancy booking us to run a parents’ Workshop at your school? 

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