Planning a Text-Based Teaching Sequence


  • Engaging teaching strategies demonstrated
  • Activities that support objectives from the new curriculum
  • Examples of planning using whole texts across the primary age range
  • Use of quality texts by significant children’s authors

The Planning a Text-Based Teaching Sequence Inset day supports teachers with the pedagogies involved in planning for Literacy. The Inset takes staff through the different stages of planning, from engagement through the use of an appropriately pitched text to an extended, published outcome. During the Inset, both consultants use shared writing to demonstrate and reinforce the application of writing. Through the use of a quality text, teachers are shown how to question and for inference, retrieval and assessment to support reading objectives. Drama strategies that directly support children’s written outcomes are demonstrated throughout each teaching sequence to illustrate the importance of oral rehearsal.

The morning is led by two consultants and takes delegates through an exemplar teaching sequence with modelled activities for each stage of the sequence. In the afternoon the group splits into two: one consultant covers the requirements of key stage 2; the other covers the requirements of key stage 1 and we explore the specific objectives through two further teaching sequences. With all of these we provide the suggested planning and resources to deliver these back in the classroom.

The price includes all materials, including three teaching sequences.

For prices, further information or to book now please email us: info@theliteracytree.co.uk