Building Vocabulary into Spelling


Through all our staff taking part in training with The Literacy Tree, we have been able to embed the teaching of spelling within our text-based approach to English using a wide range of exciting strategies. Not only is this more engaging but it takes less time and the pupils see the words in a context, which then enables them to use the words in their writing. The resources shared during the training are easy to use to track spelling and give all staff a quick way to grasp the spelling expectations for their year-group. Our teachers feel more confident and spelling has improved and still is improving across the school.

Amy Wood, Deputy Headteacher, Gallions Primary School, Newham

Thank you so much for doing a spelling inset at Robert Browning. As always the course has given the staff a wealth of practical activities to use in their English sessions. Many have commented on how they have been able to adapt the activities across a range of texts, which has been extremely beneficial! Across the school teachers are more confident in understanding language acquisition and planning spelling alongside a quality text. 

Elizabeth Campbell, English Lead, Robert Browning School, Southwark


  • The importance of language acquisition explored and exemplified
  • Teachers receive 3 complete text-based teaching sequences
  • Practical strategies demonstrated that support children discovering spelling rules and patterns
  • Meets the spelling requirements of the new curriculum and explores its progression

The Building Vocabulary into Spelling Inset day supports teachers to plan spelling activities into their existing Literacy teaching sequence by using it as a tool to develop vocabulary. The day encompasses the programme of study from the new English curriculum and covers the essential subject knowledge and progression necessary for the spelling component of the key stage 2 Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling tests (GAPS/SPAG). This is achieved by embedding explicit spelling objectives within engaging teaching sequences that models using quality texts. Shared Writing and Spoken Language strategies are built in and demonstrated throughout.

The morning is led by two consultants and takes delegates through an exemplar text-based teaching sequence where spelling is embedded within modelled activities. In the afternoon we split into two groups: one consultant covers the requirements of key stage 2; the other covers the requirements of key stage 1, as we explore the specific objectives through two further teaching sequences. With all of these we provide the suggested planning and resources to deliver these back in the classroom.

The price includes all materials and three teaching sequences.

For prices, further information or to book now please email us: info@theliteracytree.co.uk