Key Stages(s): Lower KS2

Author(s): Grahame Baker-Smith 

A Literacy Tree Teaching Sequence for faRther

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Main Outcomes:

Sequel, Retellings, Recounts (Postcards), Explanation Texts

Overview and outcomes: 

Begin by introducing the concept of dreams and how important they are in our lives. Link this to a text set in the same imaginary world. Continue by exploring the text through a range of activities that include explicit grammar teaching, opportunities for shorter written outcomes and book talk. Create a story-map of the key events from the book. Explore the text further, using opportunities for drama, speaking and listening and allowing the children to create and write an explanation text to describe their own flying machine. Imagine what would happen in a sequel to the book. Use the format of the story-map to create a sequel in which the narrator’s child carries on the father’s dream. Children work, both collaboratively and independently, to plan and write a longer story about an adventure in a sequel to the shared text. Discuss ways to use language to create atmosphere or suspense and demonstrate how to use figurative or expressive language in short passages.


A young boy, bewitched by his fathers unrelenting passion to fly; a desperate craving that absorbs his every waking minute, finds himself entranced by the dream. When his father goes to war and does not return it seems the spell is broken. . Much later, the boy, now a young man finds himself drawn once more to his fathers drawings and failed experiments. Finally able to make his fathers dream a reality he flies. Will his own son be visited by this unrelenting passion?