Key Stages(s): KS1

Author(s): Emma Chichester Clark 

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Main Outcomes: 

Letters/ Retellings/ Stories from another point of view/ List of rules/ Character descriptions/ Sequels Instructions (if extended to write porridge recipes)

Overview and outcomes

Children use three different versions of Goldilocks for three different, but connected writing outcomes. Children initially familiarise themselves with the traditional version of the tale, using Emma Chichester’s Clark’s version and identify the elements of a traditional tale whilst identifying adjectives to describe the character of goldilocks that they then use to create a ‘Wanted’ that will be displayed around school.

In the second stage children explore the text of ‘Me and You’ by Anthony Browne where pictures are used to provide a context for why Goldilocks appears at the three bears house. This is a more sympathetic view and the children are asked as an outcome to tell the story from her perspective.

Finally, in the third stage children write a sequel to the original story, where Goldilocks and the bears meet many years later and they role play and imagine conversations and then look at a published sequel called ‘Goldilocks and Just the One Bear’ by Leigh Hodgkin son.


When the three bears go for a family stroll while their porridge cools, naughty little Goldilocks sees her chance to sneak into their house and play amongst the bears' things. But what will happen when the bears return? This tale of delightful impudence is sure to charm every young reader. Emma Chichester-Clark's trademark charming illustrations make her retelling of the classic folk tale of Goldilocks' misadventures with the three bears a true book to treasure.