"The children and staff of Immanuel and St Andrew CE Primary School have hugely benefited from the expertise of The Literacy Tree team over the past two years. We have been guided to really unpick the new learning that we can take from a great book and have seen our children’s writing enriched from the stimuli and ideas shared. We thoroughly recommend any school or school leader to seek out the advice of The Literacy Tree as long that doesn’t mean less available time for us at Immanuel!"

- James Robinson, Headteacher, Immanuel and St Andrew CE Primary School, Lambeth


The impact The Literacy Tree are having on both Reading and Writing at my school is terrific. Standards are improving dramatically and quickly; the children are buzzing about the work they do and the new books they are reading. My highly skilled colleagues are enjoying it and are enthused.

What The Literacy Tree have given us is ongoing genuinely  bespoke support, advice, training and curriculum design; this is consultancy  at its very best. The high quality of training and in-class/planning  support  won the goodwill of my hardworking staff very quickly.   Working with our new English Coordinator, Literacy Tree have helped us buy complete collections of high quality class library texts for each year group, supporting the writing and resourcing of a new bespoke curriculum, put the joy back into those tricky Guided Reading sessions, supported planning book-based immersive teaching sequences that really are grabbing the children’s imagination and underpinning it with solid pedagogical understanding.

Progress is increasing rapidly and our data shows this is the case in each year group and reaches the full range of learners too. We will continue in this partnership because teachers and LSAs alike feel empowered and trusted; they are confident using this style of planning and teaching and have made it their own. Literacy Tree have helped us find an inspiring new direction that has brought about unified change and put a smile on the faces of our children!"

David Tomlinson, Headteacher, Barrow Hill Junior School, Westminster


"We have really loved working with The Literacy tree for the last three years -  seeing a positive impact on the quality of teaching and learning with regard to all aspects of literacy.  We now consider The Literacy Tree team, an essential and integral part of the Woodmansterne team.  
The Literacy Tree have provided extensive bespoke training, advice and guidance, planning and teaching support which has ensured that our entire team (teachers and support staff) have been motivated and confident to provide inspiring and engaging lessons.  Staff training is always inspirational – providing staff with ideas and suggestions about how they can further improve their teaching and learning opportunities.  The book sequences provide staff with fantastic examples of how they can meet the needs of all the children whilst ensuring they are thoroughly engaged.
Highly recommended!"

- Paul Robinson, Headteacher, Woodmansterne Primary School, Lambeth


"I'm not sure which is better; their excellent staff training sessions or their totally amazing new teaching sequences. Both are an essential for any school wishing to dramatically improve the quality of their literacy provision and enhance the creativity and imagination of their pupils"

- Sam Linton, Headteacher, Temple Grove Academy, Kent


"This is a unique opportunity. A bespoke group who really listen to what is needed in each individual school. They understand context and always strive for excellence – I have seen people from reluctant parents to experienced practitioners grow under the consultant’s expert guidance. We look forward to welcoming the Literacy Tree back to our school and the North West in the near future."

- Ruth Frain, Headteacher, St Cleopas Church of England Primary School, Liverpool


"The Literacy Tree has been working with Winton Primary School since July 2012. The consultant has provided a high level of insight and expertise into what motivates and inspires pupils to achieve in Literacy. Working closely with the Deputy Headteacher, the consultant has supported a number of important developments in the school’s literacy provision: a book based curriculum, improving opportunities for writing across the curriculum, and the development of Guided Reading throughout the school (including whole staff training, model lessons and joint planning).

An author’s visit was arranged in the context of a book-based sequence of work which had a huge impact on the way in which children in this class connected to the literature they were studying – including a sudden urge to buy more books than they had ever considered before. The impact of this is already evident in the incremental improvements in the quality of teaching guided reading throughout the school; and a much clearer teaching sequence in literacy over time, based on high quality works of literature. It has had a very positive impact on motivation for both teachers and pupils."

- Andrew Rigby, Headteacher, Winton Primary School, Islington


"Lynn and Anthony have provided inspirational training and support for our school in both reading and writing. The teaching sequences have created a real buzz of excitement and the engaging starting points have, not only been a talking point amongst children and parents, but have provided the children with an exciting way into their writing.

The Literacy Tree has supported us with changes to the new curriculum and the teaching sequences cover this well. Since working with The Literacy Tree, we have seen greater progress, particularly with grammar and punctuation objectives. Children are eager to learn and are excited by the chosen texts and teachers feel more confident with delivering creative lessons, whilst covering all the necessary skills. 

Lynn and Anthony’s passion for children’s literature is infectious. Whether attending a training session, or using one of their teaching sequences, you will no doubt be left inspired by their work. We consider them to be a vital part of our team and we could not recommend them enough."

 - Lorna Clifford, Literacy co-ordinator, Boutcher C.E. Primary School, Bermondsey 


"We have had the pleasure of having both Lynn Sear and Anthony Legon in our school to support teachers with Literacy.  Their friendly and professional manner put the teachers at ease; this in turn raised their confidence when teaching Literacy.  They have inspired the teachers they have worked with, and have helped to raise the attainment of the children within those classes.  We are buying The Literacy Tree in for another year!”

- Dora Indresano, ‎Head of Primary at Haberdashers' Aske's Knights Academy, Lewisham